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Do-it.org annual volunteering survey now open

Do-it.org would be nothing without volunteers and we want to hear from you!

As the UK’s national volunteering database we need your opinions and views to help volunteering and social action become accessible to everyone.

We have made a quick survey to ask you Why Do You Do-it?

  • Does not having enough time stop you from volunteering?

  • Do you volunteer to improve your CV or to meet new people?

  • Would you be interested in more one-off volunteering opportunities?

Last year we reached over 4000 of you, and got some great feedback…

  • 90% of those surveyed felt they had personally ‘benefitted from volunteering’.
  • 82% search search for information about volunteering online
  • And 42% of people said lack of time stopped them volunteering.

The results will be realised during Volunteers Week commencing June 1st, so grab a cup of tea and get involved today!

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