Do-it Web App Developed by One World

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New web app

We’ve teamed up with global tech charity One World to launch an exciting new web app. The app works by learning users’ interests as they browse the internet and suggests relevant volunteering opportunities from Do-it’s database. In just two clicks it can be installed on a user’s internet browser, from where it will recommend suitable opportunities as they arise.

The app was piloted in 2013 with impressive results showing a 38% click through rate to the opportunities suggested. This compares favourably to charity email campaigns, which normally deliver an average click through rate of 3.5%, and non-profit Facebook pages which produce an average “daily action rate” of 0.25%.

You can download the app here.

Please note, this is a native app.  This means there are versions written for specific platforms, and you will be redirected to the appropriate page depending on whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.  Unfortunately, the app is currently unavailable for Internet Explorer.

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