Launch of Do-it.org

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The Do-it Trust has launched the beta version of the new Do-it platform.  You can now access the site at www.do-it.org.

The site is still in beta, so don’t be surprised if you come across a page which is slightly rough around the edges…  However, you are able to sign up, fill out your volunteer profile and start to use the new Do-it.  Find more info on how to get started here.

Some of the big changes include:

Your Volunteering CV

Once volunteers sign-up they will find new sections under Your Do-it, this includes your Volunteering CV.  They will be able to record their volunteering experience gained and have it confirmed by the organisations they have helped.  We hope this will help to show off the skills and experience gained from volunteering in one place.

News & Campaigns

Visit the News & Campaigns tab and you’ll see we now have a lot more space to promote campaigns, discuss the big news in the volunteering world and feature cool ways for volunteers to do some good.

Find a Job

We will be launching a brand new job board to help people convert their volunteering experience into a job in the beyond profit sector.  There are no job listings available yet but keep an eye on the site over the next month so you can make doing good your full time job.


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