Government Announces Paid Volunteering Leave For England & Wales

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Rob Wilson, the UK’s Minister for Civil Society, has confirmed that the government intends to go ahead with their plan for all employees in England and Wales to receive three days of paid volunteering leave.

Every public sector worker and anyone working in a company with at least 250 employees will be entitled to the opportunity, as pledged by David Cameron last year.

“We put at the heart of our manifesto a commitment to three days of paid volunteering leave for employees in large organisations.  Many companies do this already but we’ll make this a reality for more people – a new entitlement for millions which will unleash a new wave of skills, capability and passion to help others.” : Rob Wilson, Minister for Civil Society

The Do-it Trust welcomes any policy which has an aim to increase volunteering in the UK.

According to the results of Do-it’s Volunteers’ Week survey, 42% of respondents don’t volunteer because they lack the time.  Hopefully, the opportunity to use paid leave will allow more people to volunteer without adding to the pressures of an already busy lifestyle.

Also, 34% of those surveyed find out about volunteering opportunities through their employers.  This shows a huge potential for the Government proposal to transform the volunteering landscape with the support of companies affected by this announcement.

Do-it Trust is looking forward to working with the rest of the sector to make this a reality. – Jamie Ward-Smith

Do-it Trust CEO Jamie Ward-Smith said: “We think this is an exciting development that will have enormous potential to harness the skills and talents of millions of employees for the benefit of communities across the country.”

“The challenge for all of us will be to ensure that we are ready to provide a range of stimulating and high quality opportunities that will maximise this new talent pool and help to turn three days into a lifelong habit of volunteering.”

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