100,000 people sign up to do something good on new volunteering platform

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Do-it.org, the nation’s leading digital volunteering service, celebrated a major milestone this week when it signed up its 100,000th volunteer to its new platform.

The platform, which has been matching volunteers to community causes since 2000, was relaunched at the end of January 2015 with a new look and set of features to make doing good in the community even easier.

Since the relaunch, the number of applications to volunteer through Do-it.org has steadily increased, with one made every 40 seconds at peak times in response to the million plus places offered by 45,000 charities and non profits that use the service.

Of the 100,000 new volunteers, 40% are aged 25-39 with 34% aged 16-24, their main motivations for volunteering are to give back to the community, for personal and career development and the opportunity to meet new people. So far they have recorded 7 years hours of collective donated time on the new platform.

Many of the volunteers are offering professional skills through a syndication with social networking service LinkedIn who promote Do-it opportunities in their new Volunteer Marketplace.

Do-it.org CEO Jamie Ward-Smith said “This is a major milestone and it’s thanks to our partnership with the national network of Volunteer Centres that we’ve managed to get here so soon. With their support we are able to offer a huge and exciting range of volunteering opportunities that inspire people to get involved. Here’s to reaching 200,000!”


Do-it.org is an online volunteer recruitment service run by the Do-it Trust, a registered charity. Launched in 2000, it was relaunched in January 2015 with funding and support from the UK Cabinet Office. Do-it works with the national network of Volunteer Centres who enable over 45,000 charities and non profits to post 1.3 million opportunities to do something good in the community.

Contact: Jamie Ward-Smith, Jamie@do-it.org

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