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The UK’s national volunteering database, Do-it.org makes it easy for anyone to volunteer in their community.


Do-it.org lists over 1m volunteering opportunities that are posted by volunteer centres, national/local charities and voluntary groups. Enabling 200,000 people every month to donate their time and build their skills, Do-it ensures that almost 50,000 organisations find the help they need to provide vital services to the community.

The new site (pictured) launched in January 2015.

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The first development for the Do-it Trust, ivo is a platform that connects people that work with volunteers and social action projects.


Recruiting and engaging people to donate their time to a cause can be challenging, getting them to stay even more so. ivo helps by connecting paid and unpaid leaders of volunteers from across the globe, enabling them to network, share and learn from each other.

The new site (pictured) will launch in the autumn of 2014.

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Our first white label development where the new Do-it powers the Mayor of London’s new speed volunteering platform.


Speed volunteering enables would be volunteers to undertake short term activities that can be completed within a few hours. Providing a great way to engage people that might be pushed for time, the Mayor’s new platform provides easy ways for Londoners to dip in and out of volunteering without having to take on a long term commitment. It’s a great way for families, friends or colleagues to get together and volunteer. Simply select the date and the amount of time you want to give and find opportunities that you can just turn up to – it’s that easy!


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GoProBono is the ‘super hub’ for professional skills-based volunteering. If you are looking to donate your time and skills pro bono or want to engage someone pro bono, then GoProBono is for you.


GoProBono is a free tool aimed at improving access to skilled volunteering opportunities. It was built by the Coalition for Efficiency and City Philanthropy – A Wealth of Opportunity and was funded by City Bridge Trust, the City of London Corporation’s charity. The Do-it Trust took over the service in 2015.

The Coalition for Efficiency recognised that the ‘skilled volunteering’ space had becoming crowded, with many providers offering to match charities and individuals around pro bono opportunites. They felt it would be helpful to provide an online platform that would bring together all these providers in one place and allow for charities, individuals and CSR professionals to be able to search them according to their need.


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Aged 16-25? Got some volunteering experience? Want to translate it into skills that employers understand and value? Then Gro is he mobile app for you.


Gro is Do-it’s first official mobile app. We teamed up with O2 Think Big to create a FREE app to help turn young volunteer’s skills gained from volunteering into CV speak. Gro is a useful tool for young people that want to emphasise to prospective employers how their volunteering equips them with the skills and experience to help them in the workplace.


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Consultancy & Advice

Sometimes we need help to get the help we need. From getting started to evaluation, the Do-it Trust can help you to get the best out of your volunteering and social action programmes. Our services range from bespoke training sessions for your staff or volunteers to more traditional consultancy support.

Our approach 

Rather than simply parachuting in to tell you what to do, our approach is to work alongside you until you’re confident to do things for yourself. 

Our team are experts in their fields, with proven experience in charities, public service and CSR. We work with a mix of individuals and companies who are vetted carefully to ensure that we only offer you the best quality service available.

Support can be offered on a flexible basis, tailored for your specific needs, with competitive prices that can be charged on an hourly, daily or a per project basis.

To find out more or to join our team of consultants please contact us.

for Business

Many charities, schools and other public services are in desperate need of skilled people to help them in their work. Whatever the size of your company, Do-it for Business offers easy ways to get involved in the community to donate your staff’s time and skills.

Opportunities Data Feed

A simple API that can plug into your intranet or HR system enabling your staff to access the latest volunteering opportunities.

Managed Intranet

A fully managed solution that enables your company to measure the impact of your staff’s time on community causes.

Fully Brokered

Combined with either of the above we can offer a tailored service that provides bespoke matching of your CSR priorities with charities and community groups that would benefit from your skills.

Payroll Giving

If you’re looking for a total giving solution we can help. Our partner is a leading provider of payroll giving in the UK supporting over 1,000 leading companies.